Neil deGrasse Tyson on Aliens

Hawking is all worried that aliens might suck our brains out. That concern comes from the fact that when any of us explored the world with high technology ships and came upon a civilization less advanced, it was bad for the less advanced civilization. They either were completely wiped out or subjugated or enslaved or whatever, so I think his fear about aliens is a reflection of his actual knowledge of how humans treat each other, not real knowledge of how real aliens would treat us."

- Neil deGrasse Tyson




alien life is SO FAR BEYOND our comprehension, potentially, that it doesn’t fucking contribute to anything other than fearmongering to suggest that they would destroy us if they came in contact with us.

if alien life is out there and it’s looking to make contact with other species, its goals are most probably the same as ours: to figure out if there is life elsewhere in the universe.

why speculate on the very tiny chance that a warlike advanced alien species is going to crash down on us and wipe us out when there are a million other more amazing possibilities out there?

Because white people live in fear that SOMEBODY—even if it’s a damn tentacle monster from Alpha Centauri—is gonna come and do to them what they’ve done to the world.